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Advanced Design of Experiments (ADOE)

All of our training courses and programs are "hands-on", and are offered at the client's facility (on-site), anywhere in the world.
Course Description
This course on advanced Design of Experiments (ADOE) covers designs with multiple factors, multiple levels, with random, fixed and mixed-effect models, combined with crossed and nested factors. Restriction on randomization and multiple different experimental units (within an experiment) leads into complex designs with multiple experimental errors.

The application of these designs in industrial settings are the norm not the exception. Unfortunately, they are usually not recognized (by the novice practitioner), leading to incorrect analysis and erroneous conclusions.

In particular, these designs are applicable to processes, such as Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, and Printed Circuit Board and Semiconductor fabrication.

All examples are based on industrial applications by ASC. Analysis will be done using Minitab®, or JMP.

Course Highlights We Wrote the Book
    Review of Factorial Designs
    Review of Full and Fractional Factorial Designs
    Multiple Factor, Multiple Level Selection
    Experimental Design Models
    Algorithm for EMS
    Anova - Analysis of Variance
    Random, Fixed and Mixed-Effect Models
    Nested and Crossed Factors
    Randomized Complete Block Designs
    Hierachical-Nested Designs
    Nested Designs
    Split-Plot Designs
    Split-Split-Plot Designs
    Strip-Plot Designs
Duration: Typically 2 days.
Book: Advanced Design of Experiments
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