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StatsXPress Software

Software for Conducting Machine and Process Capability Studies

About The Software: StatsXPress

The StatsXPress Software is extremely simple to use.

Just collect the data, enter in an Excel or ASCII file, and the software does the rest. It does a complete analysis of your data whether is a process capability analysis using a long-term study, or a machine capability analysis using a short-term study. It produces a one-page statistical analysis report on the screen, which you can print. No more navigating through endless features and wasting time and efforts.

This software meets all the requirements of the book Machine / Process Capability Study and the Classic Six Sigma Methodology.

StatsXPress Process Capability Software
Benefits StatsXPress

  • Verify machine performance to process requirements.
  • Verify process performance to customer requirements.
  • The most complete statistical analysis on one page.
  • Simple to operate, and produces an analysis in seconds.
  • Fastest statistical analysis available on the market.
  • Saves time and efforts - No more navigating through endless features.
  • Meets the ISO/TS 16949 and ISO-9000 Quality System Standard.
  • Features StatsXPress

  • Computes All Descriptive Statistics
  • Determines Normality
  • Determines Process Capability
  • Determines Machine Capability
  • Double Sided Specification Limits
  • Single Sided Specification Limits
  • Determines Process Stability
  • Determines Process Predictability
  • Displays Histogram
  • Displays Spec Limits and Capability
  • Displays Control Charts (Average, Range and Individuals)
  • Determines if Control Charts are Under Statistical Control
  •  StatsXPress Software
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    Purchase StatsXPress for $195 plus $7 S&H.
    For Window-XP, Vista, Windows-7, and Windows-8 only.

    MPC-StatsXPress Process Capability Software
    Software Screen Output

    StatsXPress Software