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Published Articles

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Deployment Variation Reduction Initiative Multek "Multek's Variation Reduction Initiative",
by Mario Perez-Wilson,

Printed Circuit Design and Manufacture, October and November 2003.
"Successful implementation and deployment of a customized Variation Reduction Initiative at Multek, the PCB group of Flextronics."
Article Six Sigma Excellence "Six Sigma Strategies: Creating Excellence in the Workplace",
by Mario Perez-Wilson,
Quality Digest, Vol. 17, Number 12, December 1997.
"During the last decade, numerous articles have explained the Six Sigma quality program but few have proposed a standard, systematic approach for implementating it..."
Mario Perez-Wilson Paradise Valley Resident developer of the Six Sigma methodology "Local Man Fine-Tunes Businesses",
by Mike Kozel,
Town of Paradise Valley Independent, Vol. 10, Number 49, December 13-19, 1995.
"When manufacturing companies the world over want to produce their products more efficiently, namy of them look to Paradise Valley resident Mario Perez-Wilson to handle the task..."
Arizonas own Quality Guru "Arizona's own Quality Guru",
by Christal James
"Consultant, author, and engineer Mario Perez-Wilson has accomplished what many consulting companies only talk about..."
Motorola uses MPCpS for Six Sigma "Application of Structured Characterization and Control Methodology to Improve Quality and Productivity in Burnin Operation",
by C.C. Shue,
Motorola Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
"Motorola's commitment in producing Six Sigma Quality products to meet Total Customer Satisfaction drives its initiative to implement statistical methods in all fields of operation..."
FMU-139 First Program to Achieve Six Sigma in Motorola "A Case Study - Statistical Process Control",
by Mario Perez-Wilson,
Motorola Inc., The Round-Up, Vol. 13, Issue 3, January 21, 1988.
"Utilizing Statistical Process Control (SPC) techniques, the FZU-48 fuze initiator (for the FMU-139 bomb fuze) program in the Tactical Electronics Division (TED) moved quickly and smoothly from the design stage to the full scale production stage..."
Process Capability Cpk "Process Capability: Minding your Cpk's",
by Mario Perez-Wilson,
Quality Digest, Vol. 17, Number 12, December 1997.
"The process potential index, or Cp, measures a process' potential capability, which is defined as the allowable spread over the actual spread..."