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Process Characterization, Process Optimization,
and Process Control Improvement Methodologies

Founder of ASC: Mario Perez-Wilson
Books & Software
Mario Perez-Wilson - Six Sigma Mario Perez-Wilson has over 35 years of experience in industrial engineering, quality, manufacturing, and business process improvement, and has served at the executive level as Corporate Vice President of Quality for Flextronics International.

One of the original architects of Six Sigma, Mr. Perez-Wilson developed, applied and implemented the methods that became the Classic five-stage methodology for Six Sigma while working at Motorola.

During his tenure, he institutionalized and standardized the application of statistical methods, process improvement and Six Sigma in Motorola's worldwide business, manufacturing, production and engineering operations.

As an author of numerous books, he has been recognized for his wealth of improvement knowledge and superior ability to teach at all levels.
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Training Courses At Your Location
Process Characterization
Metrology Characterization
    Item-1 Measurement Systems Analysis - Learn about gauge repeatability and reproducibility studies (GR&R) for destructive and non-destructive testing.
Process Capability Determination
Process Optimization
    Item-1 Multi-Vari Chart and Analysis - A pre-experimentation technique to identify the major sources of process variability without manipulating process variables.

    Item-1 The Design of Experiments - Learn how to plan, design, conduct and analyze statistically designed experiments (DOE).

Process Control
    Item-1 Statistical Process Control - SPC is a method of monitoring, improving and controlling processes by collecting, charting and analyzing data from product characteristics or process variables.

    Item-1 Total Control Methodology - TCM is a system that integrates a number of statistical tools to establish a preventive and continuous plan to control machine parameters and process variables, and monitor product characteristics, to maintain processes stable, predictable, capable of producing within specification limits.

Executive and Management Courses
Book: Machine/Process Capability Study
Book: MPCpS Process Optimization
Book: MPCpS Process Control
Book: Gauge Repeatability and Reproducibility Studies
Book: Multi-Vari Analysis
Book: Positrol Plans and Logs
VRI ~ Variation Reduction Initiative
Our Variation Reduction Initiative (VRI) program brings cost savings results to our clients.
Variation Reduction Initiative

Sanmina-SCI ~ MPCpS
Trained on the MPCpS Methodology for Process Characterization.
Sanmina-SCI Training on MPCpS

ASC Celebrates its 20th Anniversary
Founded in 1988, ASC celebrates twenty years improving great organizations.
Six Sigma ~ 20 Years Ago
Twenty years ago today, Mario Perez-Wilson was introducing Six Sigma to Europe at EOQ-1992. Pdf File 9.6MB
Six Sigma in Europe at EOQ-1992

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ASC is the consulting firm with most experience in implementing Six Sigma. It was the first to teach and implement Six Sigma in the 1980s. ASC provides all the training and consulting from top to bottom, from beginning to end.
Q&A: Ask Mario Perez-Wilson